Nuclear Medicine & Texas CME Requirements

  • American Board of Nuclear Medicine

      • At a Glance

      • 1 IMP Activity
      • By the end of year 5

        • 125 AMA Category 1 Credits
        • Minimum 40 self-assessment credits
        • Minimum 87.5 hours on Nuclear Medicine
      • By the end of year 10

        • MOC Exam
        • 125 AMA Category 1 Credits (years 6+)
        • Minimum 87.5 hours on Nuclear Medicine (years 6+)
        • Minimum 40 self-assessment credits (years 6+)

      The American Board of Nuclear Medicine requires 125 AMA Category 1 credits every 5 years, with a minimum average of 25 CME AMA Category 1 Credits per year.
      Of these credits, a minimum of 17.5 must be on the subject of Nuclear Medicine per year, and a minimum of 8 self-assessment credits per year.

      Correlative Imaging, and other subjects that are related to a physician's field of practice, may be counted towards the 17.5 Nuclear Medicine related-activity credits per year requirement.


  • Texas Medical Board

      • At a Glance

        48 total hours every 2 years

      • 2 Medical Ethics and/or Professional Responsibility.
      • 24 AMA, AOA and/or AAFP Category 1 Credits.
      • 24 Informal Hours.

      The Texas Medical Board requires 48 Category 1 credits approved by the AMA, AOA, AAFP, Texas medical Association, or the board. Of these hours, at least 24 must be formal, Category 1 or 1A credits. Furthermore, at least 2 of these formal hours must involve the study of medical ethics/personal responsibility. The remaining 24 can be informal hours; self study, attendance at hospitals, grand rounds.


Continuing Education requirements change often. We monitor the boards regularly to stay current, but if any information appears out of date, contact us and let us know.